Buy followers: is the investment worthwhile?

Without social media or social media marketing , nothing works today, if you want to be successful online as a company. Whether Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube – every company must be present on the social net in order to reach its potential target group. The start in the social net is very simple: within a very short time you have opened a company profile on Facebook or set up an buy instagram followers business profile .

A lot of time and energy flow into a good social media strategy . Posts and content are planned weeks in advance and diligently maintain cooperations with influencers. But even such professionally maintained and regularly recorded channels have little use from a marketing perspective, if they have no fans and followers . Even if the first post is easy, getting on the platforms is often harder than you think. Because the followers come in the rarest cases by themselves, they want to be laboriously collected and kept. Some people think about buying followers and thus take the short cut on the way to a successful social media appearance. Also easy to buy likes seems an interesting option. But does that really make sense?

The business with likes and followers

Where can you actually buy followers? As it turns out, there are countless providers on the Internet who specialize in “buying followers”. A quick Google search, and you have a long list of sites offering follower sales in some form .

Many providers in the network cover a large bandwidth. So you can not only followers for Facebook, Instagram or Twitter buy, but the entire social media range serve: Snapchat, YouTube, Google+ or even Soundcloud are there. In addition, you can decide on some platforms, if you only want to buy followers or likes or also acquires interactions. Shares, comments, retweets or even downloads are partially offered. In addition, you can choose from some providers, whether German or international user accounts for Likes and Co. are used.

Actually, all providers who sell followers offer you packages : for example, 1000 followers in one go or spread over several weeks. If you opt for larger packages, you will usually receive volume discounts. A small subscription package is available for less than 10 euros. Upwards there is no limit. In addition to a significant amount of followers or interactions, the platforms promise high-quality user profiles for high-priced offers. Buying followers – as well as buying likes – is not expensive. For a few euros you can buy a few thousand followers on Instagram.

Incredible influencer

But the sudden follower gain is also the first problem: A channel that has an increase of 10,000 followers within a few days, anything but believable and organic . For companies, that does not matter at first glance. Nobody bothers you on a corporate channel that is growing fast. But on the social web, there are not only brands and individuals, but also those who make their living with partnerships on Instagram and Co.: bloggers, video bloggers, models, starlets – in short: influencers.

If you’re a blogger or an influencer, companies that want to work with you can quickly see if you’ve built your reach organically or with paid likes and fans. Meanwhile, there are numerous Instagram analysis tools that can be used to analyze an Instagram account in seconds . If a company is looking for an influencer as a testimonial and notices about the conspicuous statistics that an buy real instagram followers has bought, this is suddenly barely interesting. And it’s not only statistics tools that tell you whether followers were bought: a look at the follower list often says more than a thousand analyzes. Typical indicators for purchased followers are missing profile pictures and cryptic names.

100,000 followers – no interaction

Our conclusion on the topic “followers buy” with influencers: It is dubious, easily understandable and brings in the end not much . Companies should spend a considerable amount of time searching for influencers and checking that the reach of the chosen bloggers or Instagram stars is organic. Because – and this is the second important reason that speaks against followers purchase – 100,000 followers bring anything to anyone, if no commitment takes place on the channel anyway.

User engagement is one of the most important KPIs in online marketing , especially in social media marketing. Purchased followers usually have no interest in the posts of companies or influencers. The engagement rate is correspondingly bad, because a purchased follower will rarely like and comment. Of course, you can also buy comments and likes on the pertinent pages – but you find yourself in a spiral of costs, which brings little in the end: In the end, the purchased users are interested in neither the post nor the brand.

Businesses, in particular, are at a dangerous blackout when shopping for followers and other virtual consent . Should the network community notice this purchase, the popularity it has bought can suddenly have a negative effect on you. On the other hand, you are also legally in a gray area: it could be argued that you are engaged in unfair competition. They suggest a public approval of your brand or one of your products that does not correspond to reality.

It makes more sense to invest your money and effort in generating followers naturally with good action and great content . Cooperation with influencers is the first way. But as I said: Beware of the choice of influencers!

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