Tips to succeed on instagram

Around the world, many SMEs are beginning to use Instagram for companies to take advantage of the fact that 80% of the people in this platform follow company profiles.

But we are still in diapers, there is much to learn and try everything the platform has to offer.

If you find yourself in this group, reassure your entrepreneurial desire because getting these results on Instagram for companies is not as complicated as it might seem.

Understanding how Instagram for companies can help your business reach more people and increase sales in the process.

  1. HIGH quality content:

You have to put as main objective, create high quality content. You can prove this with your own behavior on the platform. Follow other top companies that are very active and be aware of the type of content with which you interact most. At the end of this post, you will find a free infographic that will help you with the topic of creativity in Instagram stories for companies. ?

  1. Attend to your audience:

When using instagram or any other social platform, you should have the time to interact and attend to the audience. This helps them feel important and may want to return to leave more likes or comments in your publications. A simple thank you or answering questions you ask is a simple way to start this little ball.

  1. Brand consistency:

Or better known as branding. This theme does not only require high quality content, the branding is in ALL aspects of your account. The style of the images, the biography, the covers, the way you write, up to the frequency with which you publish. This point is very important that you value it because it is the simplest way to attract your target audience.

  1. Influencers or Instagramers:

This type of campaign would imply that you look for other Instagram accounts that are willing to accept a payment or make collaboration with your brand. It takes time to find a good marketing strategy for influencers, you must accept that you may lose on your first attempt, but the truth is that the more you value honesty, the more profitable this strategy will be. A quick example to find accounts is in the Instagram search engine. You place a keyword that relates to what you do or sell and there you can see the accounts that finally connect with you and share an audience that REALLY value what you offer.

  1. Announcements and Contests:

Although there are thousands of brands already advertising on Instagram for companies, there is always room for one more. Of course the idea is that you have a good strategy to have results as if you were the only one announcing. You must choose between whether you want ads to generate brand recognition or sales. And ultimately the keys to making a good ad are the images or videos and the segmentation that you use.

Finally the contests are a proven way to succeed on Instagram by buy custom instagram comments. Simply because they give you the opportunity to increase levels of interaction at the same time you reward your audience. In addition, the contests are the publications with the highest ratio of shares generated.

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